Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Dog Boarding: What Your Bag Should Always Include

Connor Hawkins

Dog boarding is not only stressful for the parents of the pets but also for the pets themselves. You can feel a bit less tense about sending your dog off to a boarding facility if you create a checklist of things that you need to pack, which will also ensure that your four-legged friend has everything that they will need while there. Keep reading to learn a few things that you should always pack.

Plenty of Food

There are some kennels that will provide the pet food, but you have to talk to them and find out whether there is an additional charge for the food or it is included in the boarding fee. However, it is recommended that you take your dog's regular food to ensure that they don't have trouble eating or get an upset stomach from new food. The food can be packed in plastic bags or containers. The important thing is to ensure there is plenty of food.


If your dog is on any kind of medication, make sure that it is packed in the bag, along with detailed instructions on how and when to administer it.

Paperwork and ID

If this is the first time that your dog is staying at the kennel, you will need proof that they have received all of the necessary vaccinations. You will also need to ensure that your dog has a collar with ID tags, which should include your dog's name, your name, and your phone number.


As a general rule, you will be required to provide at least one leash to the facility, but it is always a good idea to have an extra packed. In doing so, you will ensure that they have an spare should something happen to the original.

Favorite Treats and Toys

Usually, the kennel will have lots of toys to ensure animals remain entertained and active, but you should ensure your four-legged friend has at least one of their favorite toys from home. This will help remind them of home, which will help them feel more comfortable in a space that is not their own. You should also send some of their treats from home, along with instructions on how and when to give them.

Emergency Contact Information

You will need to provide the boarding facility with your contact information, but you should also give them back-up contact information of a friend or family member that will be nearby just in case you aren't able to get to the facility in a timely manner. This is particularly important if you are going to be out of town on vacation or a business trip.

For more information, contact a dog boarding service like Animal House Veterinary Hospital in your area.


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