Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Signs You Should Look For A Cat Dentist For Your Aging Feline

Connor Hawkins

Cats can be particularly prone to dental issues, especially as they age. While there are no root or main causes for cats and poor oral health, the fact that cats are mainly carnivorous in nature and don't chew on bone and vegetation to help clean their teeth may have something to do with why your cat may have oral health issues.

When your cat shows signs of tooth decay or other issues with their oral health, take them to a cat dentist. This is a dental professional who will ensure your cat has the best health and will give them the right diagnosis to treat not just their oral concerns, but their overall pain as well. It can be very painful for a cat to have an infected tooth or swelling and inflammation, and they cannot tell you what ails them.

Here are signs that you should look for a cat dentist for your aging feline.

Your cat is losing weight and smells odd

If your older cat is losing weight rapidly and smells really bad around their face, they may have mouth ulcers or one or more abscessed teeth. What is interesting about cats is if a tooth is infected, their bodies may start to attack their teeth, basically rendering them even more rotten as a result. Your cat dentist can explain more of this to you and can help diagnose your feline to see exactly what is causing them to stink and lose weight.

Aging cats lose weight naturally as well because their body mass changes and they lose muscle tone. This is why it's all the more important to see a cat dentist.

Your cat is not eating or drinking and is drooling 

It's very important that your aging cat eats and drinks normally. If they don't and they are also drooling, it likely means they have a lot of oral health pain or they have ingested something they shouldn't have. If your cat can also not breathe or shows other signs of distress, get them to the vet right away. From there, your cat can be referred to a cat dentist who can further diagnose them and bring them back to better health and vitality.

Your aging cat deserves to age with grace and dignity, free of pain, and with healthy teeth. Your local cat dentist can help keep your cat's oral health going strong, which can give them a better quality of life as they age.

Contact a local cat dentist to learn more. 


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