Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Find The Right Vet Clinic After A Big Move With Your Cats

Connor Hawkins

Moving to a new area can come with a lot of new arrangements you'll need to make in order to feel adjusted and get everything set up. When you have pet cats, finding a vet clinic you can trust to bring them to is so important since you'll want to make sure they adjust to their new home without any behavioral or health problems.

Before choosing the first clinic you find, you should see what separates different clinics and what will be the right fit for your cat when you're searching from afar before the move.

Look for Cat-Only Clinics

When you begin doing your search for vet clinics that could be a good match for your cats, you'll need to see what kinds of pets they typically serve. Vet clinics that see a lot of different kinds of pets could be a good fit, but there are some benefits from choosing a clinic that only cares for cats.

Not only will the vet likely be much more knowledgeable about cats, but the clinic can typically be a lot less stressful for your cats due to a reduction in noise and vet assistants that know how to calm cats.

Check If They Accept New Clients

If you're just beginning to research the different vet clinics near where you'll be moving, you need to see whether they're able to accept new clients. Due to how busy some clinics are, you may find that some don't have any availability for new clients, making some clinics not an option for you.

Contacting different clinics directly can help you find availability so that you can make an appointment shortly after you arrive for a general wellness check.

Consider the Location to Your Home

Seeing how far the clinic will be from your home is important since you don't want to be too far in the event of an emergency. Checking how long the drive will be, as well as the kind of traffic or parking issues that can be present, can help you feel a lot better about making a visit to the vet easier at your new home.

With the above tips for finding the right vet clinic, giving your cats the right medical care they need can be a lot easier and help you feel good about making visits more enjoyable for everyone. Beginning your search early on and considering the above tips can help you feel a lot better about finding a clinic that will be able to provide the care your cats need after moving.

Contact a local animal hospital if you have questions about cat care.


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Pet Health: What You Need to Know

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