Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Tips To Keep Your Dog Or Cat Stress-Free During A Visit To The Animal Hospital

Connor Hawkins

Some pets get excited when their owner informs them that it's time for a ride in the car. That excitement can soon turn to fear though when the car pulls up at the local animal hospital. Some dogs or cats can get tense around other animals, or perhaps your pet has retained some memories of being poked or prodded by the veterinarian during the last visit. If you want to keep your pet's stress levels down (and your own as well), here are some tips to keep in mind during the next visit to the local animal hospital.

Call in Advance and Schedule for When Things Are Slow

If sitting in the waiting room filled with lots of other noisy or energetic pets is likely to make your own pet's nerves go haywire, talk to your veterinarian about the problem and ask during which day or time of day things might be the slowest. If your pet doesn't play well with others, take it to the vet during a time when other pets aren't as likely to be there.

Stay in the Car With Your Pet Until It's Almost Time for the Appointment

If your pet starts shaking or barking uncontrollably or has some other kind of undesirable reaction when inside the animal hospital waiting room, consider waiting until the last minute to bring the animal into the building. You could also call the office and let them know the situation and have them call you when the veterinarian is actually ready for you so you can bring your pet in and go right into the examination room, walking right past all of the other waiting animals that might otherwise cause stress or anxiety for your pet.

Get Your Pet Used to a Carrier or Leash Long Before the Trip to the Hospital

Beyond planning out when to take your pet to the animal hospital and the logistics of getting it into the examination room, there's also the car ride itself. If you will use a pet carrier or any other kind of restraining system to keep your pet in check both during the journey to the animal hospital and then once there, you need to make sure your pet does not associate the carrier or leash with stress. Get your pet to use the carrier while at home or during car trips that do not end up in a visit to the animal hospital.

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