Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Pet Health: What You Need to Know

  • Things To Know About Squamous Cell Carcinoma In Cats

    As a cat owner, it's very upsetting to see a marking on your pet's body that you believe may be cancer. You must take your cat to a local animal hospital right away if you see any blemishes that are consistent with cancer. Certain cancers can be very aggressive, and catching them early so that a veterinarian can promptly begin treating this disease is the best way to save your cat's life.

  • Signs You Should Look For A Cat Dentist For Your Aging Feline

    Cats can be particularly prone to dental issues, especially as they age. While there are no root or main causes for cats and poor oral health, the fact that cats are mainly carnivorous in nature and don't chew on bone and vegetation to help clean their teeth may have something to do with why your cat may have oral health issues. When your cat shows signs of tooth decay or other issues with their oral health, take them to a cat dentist.

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Pet Health: What You Need to Know

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