Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Pet Health: What You Need to Know

Did You Get A New Puppy? 3 Emergencies That Require A Trip To The Animal Hospital

Connor Hawkins

New puppies bring so much joy to your home that it is hard to imagine anything going wrong. As a new puppy owner, you might have a lot to learn about your pet. Right now, you may be puppy-proofing your house and learning more about their diet and exercise needs. While you can be the best puppy owner in the world, it doesn't always protect your pet from harm. New puppies are curious, energetic, and still learning about their environment, which can lead to some potentially dangerous situations. Watching out for these three dog emergencies lets you know when you need to take your pup to an animal hospital like South Seattle Veterinary Hospital for immediate care.

They Get Electrocuted

Puppies chew on just about anything as part of their natural instincts and teething process. Ideally, you should hide away any cords in your dog's reach, but they might still find one laying around. Chewing on cords can cause your dog to get electrocuted. Learn what to do if your dog gets shocked. Once you've safely gotten them away from the electrical source, you'll want to have them checked out by a veterinarian. At the pet hospital, the doctor will check your dog for signs of damage such as burns in their mouth so that they get the appropriate treatment.

They Ate a Non-Food Item

Your dog's chewing habits can also cause them to eat things that aren't safe for their little body. For instance, dogs frequently get into trash cans, which can cause them to eat plastic and other items that they cannot digest. Intestinal obstructions can get serious fast. Your dog might act like they are in pain, be unable to have a bowel moment, or refuse to eat. Emergency pet care offers you a way to find out what is causing the blockage. Your dog's vet will use X-rays along with an exam to identify where the blockage is occurring and what it might be. If necessary, your dog's vet can perform surgery to remove the foreign material.

They Exhibit New or Unusual Behaviors

Occasionally, your dog might sleep more than normal, or they might have a single instance of vomiting. These situations are usually nothing to worry about. You should worry, however, if your dog starts to do things that are completely abnormal. For instance, being completely lethargic beyond their normal naps could mean they are sick. A dog that is excessively vomiting or has diarrhea might have ingested a toxin, and one that has a seizure could have an underlying health condition that you haven't discovered yet. An emergency veterinarian can quickly assess new symptoms and behaviors to identify exactly what is causing the problem. They'll then show you the best way to help your puppy grow up with the best possible health.


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Pet Health: What You Need to Know

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